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SID041318 Jun 2012 Economists underestimate the benefits of cutting greenhouse gas emissions
Economists studying how efforts to prevent climate change would affect the economy use models that represent the climate system in a very simple way. This can underestimate the benefits of reducing emissions.
SID041214 Jun 2012 BGS mapping and animations inform depot explosion enquiry
Leaked fuel and fire-fighting foam contaminated groundwater in the 2005 Buncefield oil depot explosion, causing long-term damage. Scientists developed a site geology and hydrogeology model that informed the public enquiry and legal proceedings.
SID031414 Jun 2012 Spin-out company based on NERC PhD research sold for $275m
A NERC-funded PhD led to Scotland's largest academic spin-out company, which sold for $275m in 2007. The technique is due to be launched commercially this year.
SID025214 Jun 2012 Why biomass burning in the Amazon is a bad idea
Satellite data on atmospheric aerosols is changing the view of what fire means for this vulnerable but crucially important South American ecosystem.
SID040814 Jun 2012 Knowledge exchange at Durham University helps energy, hazards sectors
Professor Bob Holdsworth's Knowledge Exchange fellowship at Durham University helps academic expertise meet industrial need on issues such as risk prediction, energy provision and use, climate change and carbon storage.
SID015829 May 2012 A network of public computers helps link climate change and weather uses the processing time of a network of computers to improve the accuracy of climate prediction. Its newest application, the weatherathome project, helps link climate change to weather events.
SID014018 May 2012 Assessing the UK's water resources - availability, flood risk, effect of development
Wallingford HydroSolutions provides consultancy services and software that help clients understand and minimize risks like flooding, drought and river contamination.
SID00498 May 2012 Helping recognise earthquake hazards in Iran
NERC researchers are training Iranian geologists in techniques that will help them recognise where future earthquakes might occur.
SID040723 Mar 2012 Predicting groundwater flooding
British Geological Survey scientists have developed a probability-based prediction system to estimate maximum groundwater levels. It is lets authorities give timely warnings of flooding so that appropriate preventative actions can be taken.
SID010923 Mar 2012 AMMA UK - the UK's contribution to Africa's biggest ever climate project
The African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis is an international programme aimed at improving our understanding of the climate of West Africa - one of the areas that global climate models represent least well.
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